Project Description


Do you have time to do research that is important for your business?

Virtual@Work has extensive experience in Research, covering areas such as target markets, marketplace trends, production process and financial practices. Information is power and can help you predict trends, project sales, identify opportunities and avoid potential problems.

We know where to start and where to find the right information.

Research, what it includes

  • Research a product or service
  • Research a company
  • Research a specific topic
  • Research potential customers
  • Research new markets
  • Competitor Research


ESTELLE BOSMANCo-Found & Virtual Partner
Estelle’s diverse knowledge and passion for various fields of industry enables her to seamlessly integrate with any team to drive high performance. Her love for life, her passion for her running and horses and the grounding of a 30 year marriage and 1 child along with her various academic qualifications makes Estelle a well-rounded, spirited and focused member of any team.
LYNN CHRISTIANCo-Found & Virtual Partner
Lynn’s experience and passion for business is built on a solid business management foundation and a firm belief in working smarter, rather than harder. Strong operational, processing and structure implementation is a passionate strength. Her own evolution has resulted in a keen focus on training, development and empowerment of those in the workplace. The upliftment of women in business is a special interest area.
Lynn loves her exercise, it’s her therapy and reset mechanism. Swim, bike or run but the first love is always the run!
KERRI DE SOUSACo-Found & Virtual Partner
Kerri loves to be in business, your business! Over 20 years of experience in sales, marketing, project management and business development, Kerri has the unique ability to motivate and help you move your business forward. Kerri’s ability to organise and prioritise and get things done makes her an ideal business partner and an asset to any team!
Kerri is a mother of two, living in glorious Cape Town. In her spare time, Kerri enjoys a run along the Fish Hoek coast line, reading a great book and visiting the stunning wine farms in her area.

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